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When you order a business phone service, your local phone company automatically lists your work phone number in the default 411 information directory. If you request an unpublished or unlisted phone number, your local phone company will remove your phone number from the 411 information directory. If your business has already requested an unlisted phone number, you can change it at any time by calling your phone company`s customer service number and requesting to be restored to the 411 directory. First, go to the List Yourself website. Many small businesses have used this website to be listed. While you may need to sign up several times, it`s a free service, so give it a try. Since 1992, Matt McGew has been providing content to businesses and publications online and offline. Previous work has been published in the Los Angeles Times, Travelocity, and GQ Magazine. McGew specializes in search engine optimization and holds a Master of Arts in Journalism from New York University.

You can also get a free business phone number for For a fee, you can add a video profile, premium placement, advanced search program, and website to your ad. There are also online versions of the yellow and/or white pages. You can get a free list for your small business on (also known as “real Yellow Pages”) and A website called doesn`t allow business owners to add information. It obtains all its offers from other sources, including third-party data providers. Fortunately, one such data provider is Express Update, which allows business owners to add their information for free. Be sure to do this, as a website called “” is sure to be heavily visited. Finally, if you don`t have an ad, people may think you`re running a scam instead of a legitimate business.

You`ve set up your dog food truck or daycare and are ready to win on this small business game. But how do you go about finding customers? While there are many notable opportunities, such as social media, a website, ads in local publications, innovative PR that make you known in local (or national) media, and, of course, good old word of mouth, there`s one thing a reputable company can`t forget: the old-fashioned way of having your business phone number – and placing it anywhere. Not necessarily. You may need to use to be listed. As mentioned earlier, a small business landline is automatically listed – and if it is listed locally, it is probably in the databases used by the National Directory Administration (1 + area code + 555-1212). While the reliance on virtual communications continues to grow, it`s still important to make sure consumers have a way to find your business phone number through local white pages or via 411. According to one source, 411 is used 6 billion times a year, giving the telecom industry $8 billion in revenue per year at a high profit. In addition to being able to search for your business and communicate only by phone, creditors sometimes inquire with the help of the directory to ensure that companies are legitimate when applying for a loan. And if you don`t have an ad, some consumers may assume you`re not running a legitimate business.

Check your permission to make changes to your work phone account. The customer service representative will ask you several security questions that may include your account password or your account billing address. When you set up a work phone number through your local carrier, that number is usually automatically saved in Local White Pages, Directory Help (411), and Yellow Pages. However, if you`re using a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) line, a mobile phone, or your personal phone for your business, you`ll probably need to add that phone number to help. Unfortunately, there is not a single back-end database containing the 411 pieces of information. Each freight forwarder keeps their own data. In fact, there are thousands of 411 directory providers. Luckily, adding a business phone number to 411 is easy and relatively inexpensive – sometimes it`s even free! We discuss business phone listings and why it`s important for a business to be listed in the phone book. .



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