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15. That IATA may amend the provisions of this Agreement at any time. Such a change may not require the cardholder to pay an additional fee retroactively, but may increase future service charges. 13. That the Cardholder refund the discount received to each Provider if it has received such discount through the use of the Card in a manner not permitted by this Agreement. 7. That this card is NOT a credit card and that the cardholder cannot take any action to induce a person to believe that IATA has guaranteed the creditworthiness, conduct or credibility of the cardholder. 11. IATA may inform its suppliers or other persons who may use the Cardholder of the Cardholder`s participation in the IATA Identity Card Program and remove the Cardholder`s name from the IATA Registration System if the Cardholder violates any of the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. 22. If the Cardholder wishes to access his/her file or request a correction of his/her file and/or no longer wishes to receive communications as permitted by this Agreement, the Cardholder may address his/her request in writing to the IATA Customer Service Team at the address indicated on the first page of the application form. 9. That the Card is valid for twelve (12) or, if specified in a separate notice, twenty-four (24) months from the date of approval of your Card (for Cards issued outside the United States) or until the last day of the month and year indicated on the front of the Card (for Cards issued in the United States) (“Expiration”).

Any card lost/stolen and subsequently replaced will retain the original expiration for the remainder of the then-current period. 5. This IATA may charge a fee for the renewal or reissue of a card or for the management of rejected applications and payments made with insufficient funds. The amount of this service fee is available to the cardholder at IATA upon request. 12. This IATA has the power to disclose information about the cardholder`s status at the IATA-accredited location where the cardholder is registered, as well as the cardholder`s status with IATA and the validity of the card. 28. The Employer acknowledges that IATA may inform suppliers of any misuse of the Card and that such notice may include the name of the Employer`s Agency. 3. Return the Card to IATA for update or reissue within seven (7) days if the information contained on the Card becomes inaccurate and return the Card for cancellation within seven (7) days if the Cardholder is no longer authorized to hold the Card.

All references to IATA must include IATAN and vice versa. Taking into account that IATA issues an IATA/IATAN Travel Agent Identity Card (the “Card”) to the applicant (the “Applicant” or “you”), the Applicant, as the authorized holder of the issued card (“Cardholder”), agrees: By electronically accepting these Terms and Conditions of the IATA/IATAN Cardholder Agreement, you represent that you have read and accepted them and that the information contained in this application form is true. and are correct. You also understand that any misrepresentation will result in the cancellation and blacklisting of your card. If an authorized representative of the applicant completes the application form and accepts these terms and conditions on behalf of the applicant, the authorized representative agrees to be responsible for ensuring that the applicant is informed and complies with these terms and conditions. 24. The applicant is a bona fide employee or consultant of the employer who holds a paid position at the location of the agency specified herein and who is at least 18 years of age. By submitting this application, the applicant and the employer authorize IATA to review the employment status of that applicant at any time and from time to time, including those mentioned in section 14 above. IATA reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue the Agency`s participation in the Mapping Programme, in whole or in part, if interviews, inspections or the provision of information by the Agency are refused or not provided for any reason, or if the information provided by the Agency proves to be false or misleading. 20. The Cardholder agrees that IATA may include the following Cardholder Information collected through this form in the database products sold by IATA to industry and make it available as part of its Database Products: IATA verification number, full name of the Cardholder, position or role within the agency currently employing the cardholder, Number of years of experience in the travel industry and email address. The cardholder has the right to unsubscribe at any time from the inclusion of his e-mail address in the products of the IATA database.

21. That the cardholder`s personal data collected by or subsequently are stored electronically in an electronic database which can only be accessed by IATA staff, their subcontractors, heirs and assignees on a need-to-know basis. This file is identified with information that identifies the cardholder. 27. The Employer agrees to do its best to ensure that the Applicant does not abuse the Card in violation of the Cardholder Agreement and remains ultimately responsible for the Cardholder`s actions with respect to the Card. In the event that the Cardholder does not compensate IATA in accordance with Article 16 above, the Employer will indemnify IATA for all costs incurred as a result of the Cardholder`s misuse of the Card. 26. The attached photo of the applicant is up-to-date and reflects the applicant. 4. Inform IATA immediately if the card is lost or stolen. The employer for whom the candidate works (the “Employer”) certifies the following: 6. Do not manipulate any information or photos on the card or any other aspect of the card, immediately hand over the card upon request to an IATA representative representing a person from whom the cardholder requests privileges through the use of the card, or to a police officer or judicial officer.

. 2. Because the card issued is unique to the cardholder, the cardholder does not allow the card, its identification number or other information contained on the card to be used by another person, whether or not affiliated with the same agency (the “Agency”) as the cardholder, in a manner that gives the impression that: that other person is the cardholder. 17. That IATA may use and transmit the cardholder`s application data to the extent necessary for the operation of the carding system and related services. 25. The applicant devotes at least fifty percent (50%) of his working time to the promotion and sale of trips and is paid according to salary and / or commission and is indicated in the relevant payment documents of the agency. 8. That, although the Cardholder is entitled to certain discounts or benefits, the Card does not guarantee that the Cardholder will receive a discount that is entirely at the discretion of the Provider.

IATA therefore assumes no responsibility if the cardholder does not benefit from such discounts or benefits. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns! 14. whereas IATA has the right, at any time and from time to time, to verify the information collected with this form or subsequently by interviewing the cardholder or other employees of the agency concerned and/or by consulting and requesting the submission of other supporting documents to the cardholder or other employees of that agency, including T4 forms, pay slips, payment documents and payroll records. If such interviews, inspections or provision of information are refused, or if the information provided proves to be incorrect, the card may be withdrawn or declared invalid and airlines and other industry suppliers may be informed. 30. The employer is responsible for ensuring that the cardholder returns the card if the applicant or cardholder leaves the employer`s employment or is no longer entitled to own the card. 23. That the Cardholder`s personal data may be disclosed to any Card Program Partner, industry concessions upon presentation of the Card for identification purposes and to confirm the scope of industry concessions available to a legitimate Cardholder when the Cardholder applies for such an Industry Licence, regardless of where that card program partner is located in the world. The Cardholder agrees and acknowledges that such industry concessions are always at the discretion of the Suppliers and that possession of the Card does not guarantee that such concessions will be available.

For air travel concessions using the card, the cardholder must refer to IATA Resolutions 880 and 880a. 19. The Cardholder agrees to receive the Card Newsletter and any other commercial materials related to the Card Program or as indicated in the previous section by email. The cardholder has the right at any time to decide on the commercial material transmitted to his e-mail address and to unsubscribe. 18. The Cardholder agrees that IATA may disclose to third parties (including outside the Cardholder`s province, state or country of residence) personal data collected through this form (or subsequently in connection with the Cardholder`s participation in the Card Program) for the permitted purposes set out in this form. These permitted purposes include, but are not limited to, administering the Card Program, granting concessions to the industry, receiving and transmitting information or offers from suppliers in the travel industry, and any other reason required or permitted by applicable law. .



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